Whalebone Artist Series X Mark Peters Launch

Our ideal social distancing scenario includes a board, a beach and empty waves! (We can always dream, right!?) Our newest Whalebone Artist Series tee “Social Distancing” collab with artist Mark Peters has launched! We asked the artist, Mark Peters for a little write up about his work and this piece and he didn’t disappoint:
My name is Mark Peters, otherwise known as “Red Velvet.”⁣ I worked at Whalebone in the early 90’s (I peaked in the 90’s).⁣The “Social Distancing” painting is an oil painting, originally made for Jim and April in 1994. I was obsessed with Costa Rica at that time, (and ended up moving there a couple years later) and painted this from a photo I had taken on a surf trip there. Pura Vida.⁣ I also used to paint the display windows of Whalebone back in the day, I think one of my paintings may have won Jim a trip to Tavarua. It was cool, though because while he got the trip, he gave me a T-shirt from the surf company that sent him. Fair trade.⁣ I now live in Los Angeles (Malibu specifically), but I miss the Whalebone crew and the Outer Banks every day. There’s no place like it.⁣ Thank you for your support of this legendary Surf Shop and the wonderful people that make it go.
Whalebone Surf Shop