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Help clean the ocean and save seabirds from ingesting plastic with you purchase.

The Seabird Bracelet represents your commitment to the clean ocean movement and seabird conservation. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. Wear it as a reminder to curb your plastic habit, live more sustainably, and encourage others to take action to protect what they love.



  • Unisex, waterproof design
  • Adjustable from 2” to 5” in diameter
  • Stainless steel charm
  • Hand assembled in Bali
  • Made with post-consumer recycled materials, including a small amounts of ocean plastic and ocean glass


Plastic ingestion by seabirds was first documented in the 1960s and has been increasing ever since. Today, at least 40% of seabird species are known to ingest plastic. Experts predict that this will rise to 99% by 2050. In the next 30 years, nearly every seabird on earth will have eaten plastic.

It’s not just grown seabirds that are consuming plastic either. Many chicks are fed plastic by parents who have mistaken it for food. Sharp plastic fragments can cause fatal internal injuries and soft plastics like balloons can block their digestive tract. Entanglement and bycatch are other potentially deadly consequences of ocean plastic pollution.

The speed at which seabird species are declining is another indicator that our efforts to remove plastic from the ocean are not only necessary, but mission-critical.

4Ocean donated $10,000 to BirdLife International in 2018 and will donate another $10,000 at the end of 2019 in support of seabird conservation. Their donations will be used to secure and improve seabird habitat protections, fishery management, and to reduce bycatch.

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